Work Injury Recovery & Safety

PAM Health’s Occupational Health Program helps injured employees return to the workplace stronger and healthier than before.

Our innovative treatment plans set our program apart. By duplicating actual working conditions, we can target the injury and enable employees to heal better. Our licensed physical and occupational therapists share a passion for helping patients recover from work-related injuries with the ultimate goal of safely returning to work – and decreasing the chance of re-injury.

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Common conditions we treat include:
• Back Pain
• Broken Bones
• Burns
• Crush Injuries
• Muscle Strain/Injuries
• Neck Pain
• Tendon Injury


Program Components

Assessment –

After learning about the patient’s current health situation, we develop an individualized, comprehensive plan with measurable goals to track progress. Assessments continue on a routine basis as determined by the patient’s condition or case manager requirements. We also do a final assessment the end of the program to determine if the patient is able to safely return to work.

Therapeutic Treatments –

Both physical and occupational therapists may collaborate with the patient to build strength and endurance, relieve pain and restore function. Rehabilitation may involve exercise, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat or ice therapy, and other techniques. We also carefully simulate the work the patient would do (ladder climbing, lifting and moving heavy objects, etc.) to determine if he/she is able to perform those tasks safely.

Encouragement –

Recovering from work-related injuries can also impact the patient’s mental and emotional state. Our therapy team strives to restore the patient’s confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Education –

By teaching and reinforcing proper body mechanics, work pacing, safety and injury prevention, we can reduce the patient’s chance of re-injury and promote personal responsibility and self-management.

Functional Capacity Evaluation –

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) identifies an individual’s capacity to perform work-related activities in relation to their participation in employment. At PAM Health, a licensed therapist will perform the evaluation and document the ability to return to work safely.

FCEs include assessment of:
• Posture
• Functional mobility
• Repetitive motion
• Maximum load tolerance
• Musculoskeletal system