Partnership Opportunities


Since 2006, the PAM Health executive team has been focused on providing quality post-acute care with a specific focus on the development and operation of both long-term acute care and rehabilitation hospitals across the United States. Currently, we are seeking joint venture partners who are interested in building new state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospitals in regions that can benefit from our quality programs and comprehensive network of care, as well as our ability to build relationships and align services with acute care providers in the area.

Benefits of a Joint Venture with PAM Health:

  • Reduces re-admission rates to acute care facilities; improves tracking and retention of patients within a healthcare system
  • Diversifies hospital system’s portfolio of inpatient and outpatient services
  • Results in very attractive financing for joint venture partner
  • Delivers integrated and comprehensive continuum of care

Frequently Asked Questions

How are your joint venture deals financed?

PAM Health utilizes both conventional and off balance sheet financing strategies. Due to the size and growth of the organization, PAM Health is very well capitalized with an expandable and revolving line of credit.

What is the average size of the state-of-the-art hospital that you would build?

The average size of one of PAM Health’s rehabilitation hospitals is 50,000 square feet (40-45 beds). PAM Health will build a new facility on a three-acre piece of land, preferably on hospital grounds.

How many staff do you employ at each rehabilitation hospital?

As a standard, we employ three full-time employees for each occupied bed in a hospital. On average, PAM Health hires in excess of 200 employees per hospital.

How long does it take to open a new rehabilitation hospital?

After closing on the property, it typically takes between 12-14 months to build and staff the hospital to begin accepting patients.

Are there opportunities for acute care hospitals to purchases services from you?

Yes, purchase service agreements are common in our joint venture partnerships.