Post Acute Medical To Use IVP Biodefense System to Mitigate Future Health Crises

Post Acute Medical looks to advance everyday practices and protocols in the health care industry to prepare for future pandemics.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many things to the forefront of our attention, but perhaps none more than the need for all of us to better understand the importance of warding off infectious diseases. As a top-flight provider of health care services across the country, Post Acute Medical (PAM) has taken several steps to help our communities achieve an optimal quality of life through sound health, such as installing the IVP biodefense system in our specialty hospitals to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

PAM was first to market by installing the IVP biodefense systems in our Las Vegas (NV.), San Antonio and Victoria (TX) hospital locations. The IVP system can kill 99.9% of coronavirus particles and other airborne infectious diseases such as influenza and rhinovirus. Since installation, the device has proven successful at providing cleaner air in PAM hospitals and instilling patients and medical staff alike with a renewed sense of confidence in their protection against COVID-19 infection.

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PAM is committed to being the most trusted source for post-acute services in every community we serve by providing comprehensive, individualized treatment to our patients. By investing in state-of-the-art technology during the pandemic and beyond, PAM is leading the charge in proactively improving standards of sanitation in public spaces and overall awareness of personal sanitary practices individuals can follow to control disease outbreaks.

“Solving the next public health crisis starts now; with the tools and education we’ve acquired from the current pandemic. We have a newfound understanding of how we can control disease outbreaks through techniques such as masking, social distancing, quarantining and more. Beyond these tactics, Post Acute Medical will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology likethe IVP biodefense system to maintain an environment of cleanliness and safety.”

Washing hands frequently for 20 seconds, staying six feet apart, wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are all measures which have proven effective at preventing COVID-19 infections. These tactics, paired with the IVP biodefense system, are only a small part of PAM’s larger strategy to do our part in stopping the current pandemic in its tracks and laying the groundwork to navigate future health crises.

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