Post Acute Medical Continues Investing in Patient Health by Installing IVP Biodefense System in Network of Specialty and Rehabilitation Hospitals

COVID-19 prevention system deployed in Florida, Louisiana and Missouri facilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced safety concerns throughout the health care industry, particularly for patients, frontline workers and community leaders all across the country.

At Post Acute Medical (PAM), safeguarding the caregiving environment is essential to preventing the spread of the virus and fulfilling our mission of providing accessible healthcare to those who need it most within the communities we serve.

Achieving sound public health has been the number one priority in the history of modern medicine – a mission which has been challenged greatly during the pandemic. However, PAM strives to exceed the boundaries of recommended public health safety guidelines outlined by state and federal officials in order to provide the greatest value and quality of care to our patients and frontline medical personnel.

By installing Integrated Viral Protection’s indoor biodefense system, PAM is investing in the safety and future of our patients, staff and community we serve.


As a leader in the health care industry, PAM was first to market in 2020 to embrace this innovative technology. The decision to install the IVP biodefense system stemmed from our history of providing exceptional patient care and acting as a catalyst for all to achieve an optimal quality of life.

Most recently, the IVP system has been installed at our Sarasota (Fla.), Chesterfield (Mo.), Covington and Hammond (La.) hospital locations. The decision to install the system in these locations came from the technology’s success in destroying coronavirus particles from the air in our other facilities.     

“Patient safety is our top priority,” said Jacob McGuirt, CEO for for the PAM Specialty Hospital in Sarasota, Florida. “In addition to meeting all CDC requirements and the strictest operational procedures, our health care professionals are proud to work in a facility with an IVP system in place.”

Since April 2020, Post Acute Medical has committed to making significant investments in the IVP system networkwide; installing it at our San Antonio, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Luling, New Braunfels (Texas)and Las Vegas (Nev.) hospital locations. This commitment speaks to our promise to uphold the trust of those we serve and ensure the health and safety of our employees.

The IVP system has been tested and endorsed by CPR Engineering (FDA certified), Air Balance, UTMB Galveston National Lab, Texas A&M University Engineering Experiment Station, Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston(TcSUH) and received endorsements from MIT and Argonne National Lab. 

The IVP biodefense system serves a direct role in our goal of upholding the trust of those we serve and building a foundation for stronger, healthier communities.

Explore our response to COVID-19 to gain a better understanding of how we’re protecting against and preventing the spread of coronavirus.


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