Active/Past Military Service Members

Veterans Center of Excellence

The Veterans Center of Excellence represents Warm Springs commitment to the development of rehabilitation services designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of active duty military, veterans and their family members.

1.jpgYou have a choice when seeking quality rehabilitation services and Warm Springs provides that care with professionalism, passion and the goal of facilitating the best possible outcomes. We strive to provide care that moves the veteran toward functional independence and the successful return to his or her community and home. Our Military Advisory Council consists of veterans who understand the unique needs of military patients and their families. Those who have experienced the programs Warm Springs offers help to guide service development.

Center of Management of Complex Acute Care

The Center’s strategic goals are to:

  • Understand how the management of care is affected when patients have multiple acute and chronic physical and mental conditions. Evidence based research recommendations are utilized to provide guidelines in the overall care and management of our veterans and family members
  • Provide coordination of care within an acute rehab healthcare system that services all Veterans and families with Tricare, VA, Medicare, Medicaid, and others with simple to complex acute and or chronic conditions
  • Assess the use of patient self-management and behavioral interventions as a means of improving outcomes for veterans with complex acute physical and mental conditions
  • Identify and address healthcare provider and system level factors that affect management of patients with complex acute rehab conditions
  • Identify, assess, and compare the effectiveness of innovative rehab strategies and technologies for improving the care of patients with complex acute conditions

The Veterans Center of Excellence (VCE) is the leading advocate for treatment and research for advanced rehabilitation care and restorative innovations for service members and their families. Working with TRICARE Military Health System, Veterans Health Administration and other government payer sources. The Veterans Center of Excellence will lead efforts to augment access to care, enhance collaboration between the Department of Defense (DOD)and the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA) care providers. With goals of providing guidance for clinical practice, while maximizing patient-centered rehab support that is very close to San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC).

Our Mission

To continuously improve the health and quality of life for members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and their families through advocacy and leadership in the development of initiatives focused on the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic disorders mind and body.


Warm Springs Rehabilitation System has been caring for patients for over 75 years. What began as a polio treatment center has evolved into a multi-state network of hospitals and outpatient clinics that specialize in post acute care services. Patients with amputations, life-threatening wounds, brain injury, pain management issues, orthopedic, pulmonary, spinal cord injuries and strokes benefit from rehabilitation.

The Warm Springs team of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians are among the finest in the country and have been providing excellent care to Warm Springs patients for over 20 years. Additional physician specialists are part of the care team and available as needed for optimal care.

In addition to medical management our Therapy Services include: Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Neuropychology, Respiratory Therapy, Rehabilitation Nursing, & Case Management.

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