Elite Wound Healing Program

Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care certification

Our nationally recognized Wound Care Program is led by Dr. Dave Seaman -- a general surgeon with 33 years of experience. Dr. Seaman began his career as a liver transplant specialist and in training other surgeons. His background includes diverse experience in wound care.  Other members of the team include wound care nurses with special training in all areas of wound prevention and healing. Our program is unique in our curative approach, rather than conventional wound management.

The hallmark of our Wound Care Program is Bedside Wound Closure (BWC). An innovative surgical approach, BWC can address difficult, non-healing wounds that are refractory to traditional wound therapies. The surgeon performs a direct closure of the wound at the patient’s bedside, followed by a progressive aftercare regimen of rest, stretching, and sitting. BWC advantages include:

  • Performed at the patient’s bedside under local anesthesia
  • Less metabolic demand on the patient than traditional FLAP surgery
  • Reduced patient stress
  • Daily visits from a member of our specialized wound care team  
  • Success in healing chronic pressure injuries
  • Healing is achieved with a protocol-driven 8-week program.

We have also earned Disease-Specific Care certification from The Joint Commission for our Wound Care Program.


PAM Health Patient Testimonials

Stories of healing from across the PAM Health system.

From letter dated 5/22/2021

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to the entire team of healthcare providers who saved my husband’s leg after a farm accident that removed the skin from his entire leg. I worried he would not be able to handle an amputation, and somehow, we were lead to this amazing team. You got him off the ventilator, removed his tracheostomy, got him up and moving and healed his wound. Not only that, you were his biggest fans. You cheered him on when he was depressed and kept his spirits up. When he left you, he was good enough to go to Rehab and he did great. He is home now, working on the farm just like he was meant to do. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


From a letter dated 3/29/2021

To watch this wound care team work with such ease and skill, is mesmerizing. When discussing my husband’s improvement, they never spoke in the first person, but always used the pronoun, “we”, demonstrating the unity and collaboration among departmental colleagues. This team, not only healed a chronic wound, but provided the nutrition, medication, treatments and rehabilitation to allow my husband to go to an acute rehab facility. It is nothing short of a miracle. We are now home with no wounds and he is doing many things for himself. We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for all you have done. Much Love


From a letter dated 4/17/19

Well, it has been a/ long road and we are at the end of it now thanks to you. Our love and many thanks and appreciation to all that made this possible for us. A team who closed that stubborn 11-year wound. A team who monitored it and kept it closed. A team who nourished him and he gained over 10 pounds in 4 ½ months, which is an absolute miracle. How do we say “Thank You” to this Team? The words “Thank You “are not big enough. We will forever love each of you for you will always be in our hearts. For the kindness and compassion you have shown, we most humble Thank You.