PAM Health Partners with Hall of Fame Health

PAM Health, with more than 100 hospitals, outpatient sites, and clinics across 22 states, has joined Hall of Fame Health in forming a strategic alliance to assist Hall of Fame Health in serving its communities.  PAM Health operates rehabilitation hospitals, specialty hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation centers, and behavioral health hospitals, in addition to home care and hospice.   With access to PAM Health’s broad range of healthcare programs and services, Hall of Fame Health has greatly expanded its concierge-level offerings.

“When we talked with Hall of Fame Health, we immediately recognized the important work they are doing and knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. This collaboration aligns with our vision to build upon our history as a respected provider of quality healthcare services by continuing to develop an environment that fosters meaningful and impactful improvement and recovery for people with injuries, illness, and disabilities,” said Anthony Misitano, CEO and Founder of PAM Health.

Hall of Fame Health, which was formed following the initiative of members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, focuses on caring for former professional football players and their families, many of whom are often facing healthcare challenges without the resources available to them during their playing years.  Hall of Fame Health provides these families with a resource to make sure they connect with the best care possible. 

Many of the top health systems, medical groups, technology companies and other global leaders in healthcare have joined as partners to Hall of Fame Health to help it serve this population. And Hall of Fame Health’s platform is being selectively offered to other groups, like the Special Forces Foundation, which serves combat veteran special operators when the VA and other government programs aren’t meeting the need.  

“We have been fortunate to have many of the very best providers across the country join our ranks. It allows us to be extremely selective and only work with those who are tops in their field. PAM Health fits that bill and we are delighted to have them join us in our mission and care for these communities.  Their commitment to great care and service is something you feel immediately when meeting with their team.” said Jeremy Hogue, CEO of Hall of Fame Health.

PAM Health excels in helping patients optimize their recovery with an emphasis on quality care.  Many of our hospitals hold one or several Joint Commission Certificates of Distinction that recognize our high-quality specialty programs across respiratory failure, stroke, heart failure, traumatic brain injury, pulmonary failure, spinal cord injury, wounds, and Parkinson’s disease.