Our Facility and Services

At PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Tulsa, our mission is to care and serve each individual by providing compassionate, expert care during the rehabilitation process and to prevent disabilities through education and research. The rehabilitation hospital programs will focus primarily on stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, complicated orthopedic, and multiple trauma. 

Specialty Services

  • Prosthetic Training
  • Specialty Mobility and Seating
  • Spasticity Management
  • Stroke Program
  • Wound Care
  • Bariatric Equipment
  • On-Site Modified Barium Swallow Studies
  • Swallowing Therapy, including Vital Stim & Therapeutic Dining Program
  • In-Room Hemodialysis 
  • Multi-surface Outdoor Mobility Track
  • Balance/Vestibular
  • Bioness Integrated Therapy System

Specialized Equipment

  • Ekso NR
  • Dry Needling
  • Bioness H200 – Functional Electrical Stimulation
  • Bioness L300 – Functional Electrical Stimulation
  • Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS)
  • Biodex Static and Dynamic Balance System
  • Biodex Body Weight Supported Treadmill
  • Handicare Body Weight Supported Walking Track
  • Biodex Unweighing System
  • Biodex Sit to Stand