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What began as a polio treatment center has evolved into a network of hospitals and outpatient clinics that specialize in post acute care services. Patients with amputations, life-threatening wounds, brain injury, pain management issues, orthopedic, pulmonary, spinal cord injuries and strokes benefit from rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long term acute care services offered by Warm Springs.

Featured: The EksoGT™ Robotic Exoskeleton

ekso.jpgAs part of our commitment to rehabilitation, Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio uses cutting-edge technology to help patients regain their strength, mobility, confidence, and freedom. The EksoGT™ robotic exoskeleton is the first exoskeleton indicated for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. The wearable device augments strength to help these patients stand and relearn to walk, improving their step patterns, weight shifting, and posture. Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio is using the device to mobilize patients earlier in their rehabilitation.

Each year, as many as 15 million individuals suffer a stroke and 500,000 experience a spinal cord injury. Early mobilization is especially beneficial for stroke recovery. Gait training with this exoskeleton suit is one of the latest advancements in stroke treatment and neuro-rehab in general. 

Clinical research suggests that including EksoGT gait training during inpatient rehabilitation can improve patients’ gait speed and walking distance. Most patients take an average of 400 steps in their first-time training in the device. It is the most clinically used exoskeleton and patients around the world have taken over 100 million steps and counting.

For more information on rehabilitation for stroke or spinal cord injury using the EksoGT robotic exoskeleton, contact Christine Chesnut, Director of Rehabilitation, @ 210-592-5332 or cchesnut@warmsprings.org. A physical therapy evaluation will help determine eligibility to use the exoskeleton in rehabilitation.

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Our Specialty Services Include:

  • Body-Weight Supported Gait- and Walk-Aid Technology
  • Brain Injury Program
  • Prosthetic Training
  • Spasticity Management
  • Stroke Program
  • Veterans' Center of Excellence
  • Wound Care
  • Wounded Warrior Mild/Moderate Brain Injury Program