Prosthetic Leg Endoskeletal Leg

PAM Health patients never go through the prosthetic process alone

PAM Health considers every physical and emotional hurdle a patient might come across when using a prosthetic limb

The loss of a limb is a life-changing experience. In addition to the emotional challenges a patient might face, there is also the long journey of getting accustomed to using prosthetics. PAM Health is dedicated to making this process as comfortable as possible when a patient transitions into life with a prosthetic limb.

What is in a prosthetic limb?

  • A prosthesis generally has seven parts:
  • A gel cushion interface to protect the skin on the residual limb and adjust pressure
  • A suspension system to connect the artificial limb to the body
  • The socket, which is the part that attaches onto the residual limb
  • Joints and appendage
  • A system of endoskeletal (internal skeleton or supporting framework) connections to link the joints and appendages while providing adjustability
  • A soft, foamy material that mimics muscles and protects the endoskeletal connections
  • Synthetic skin over the limb to match patient skin.

How prosthetic training enhances physical and emotional recovery

The therapists at PAM Health prioritize the proper fitting and function of the prosthetic limb throughout the treatment program. Through specific weight-bearing, balance, mobility, and gait training exercises, individuals can return to the highest functional level with their new prosthetic limb.  Much like everything in life, practice makes perfect when getting accustomed to a new prosthetic.

The team also connects individuals recovering from limb loss to community resources to help with emotional recovery, such as amputee support groups or adaptive sports and recreation organizations. These interactions can help patients ease back into the things they enjoy.  

The amputation/prosthetic process can seem daunting. But with the professional and compassionate support of PAM Health, prosthetic patients receive encouragement every step of the way.