PAM Health recently launched a new Travel Nurse Program. The initiative began on a small scale in November of 2021, but has grown as PAM Health has welcomed new hospitals throughout the country. Now with 100 traveling nurses and growing, the program offers a unique opportunity for nurses to see the country while helping where the need is the greatest. The result is a win-win for PAM Health and the patients they serve.

The PAM Health Travel Nurse program offers full-time benefits, including paid time off, insurance, 401k, and more.

“The hospitals are grateful for the opportunity have our own PAM Health travelers in-house,” says Carmen Pivoda, Vice President of Strategic Clinical Operations and Programs. “Full-time employees can provide positive patient outcomes because the travelers know our “We Care” Model.”

Some of the destinations traveling nurses have been assigned include Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. 

“We send a survey to the travelers after their first week to see how it is going,” Pivoda explains. “Additionally, we will send a survey to both the hospital and the traveler at the end of their assignment.  We are currently in the process of receiving results. Most travelers have been satisfied with their deployment, orientation, and first assignment.”

A majority of the travelers have been new team members for PAM Health, although existing employees are also welcome to apply. Some of the travelers have even enjoyed their assignment so much that they have accepted permanent employment at the hospital.

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