Nurse Helping Man in Exoskeleton Suit

An investment in technology is an investment in patients

The wearable EksoNR™ robotic exoskeleton gets stroke patients back on their feet safely

(July 15, 2021) At PAM Health, we’re committed to implementing cutting-edge rehabilitation technology in our specialty hospitals to offer our patients an exceptional healing experience.

The EksoNR™ robotic exoskeleton is one of the innovations we have welcomed to several of our facilities, including the Pam Health Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital of San Antonio. This wearable device helps patients who are recovering from a stroke or spinal cord injury regain their strength, mobility, confidence, and freedom.

How it works

This robotic exoskeleton augments strength to help patients stand and walk with full weight bearing. While wearing the device, the exoskeleton enables individuals to improve step patterns, weight shifting, and posture.

Gait training, a series of exercises that helps a patient improve their mobility, is essential to the approximate 15.5 million individuals who are impacted by strokes or spinal cord injuries every year. Research shows that implementing the EksoNR™ robotic exoskeleton into gait training can improve speed and walking distance.

PAM Health is using the device to mobilize patients early in the rehabilitation process. Doing so can provide encouragement and support to patients by helping them regain their confidence and ability to walk.

With a combination of technology and personal care, PAM Health helps patients regain their mobility, thus reducing dependency and fall risks while enhancing social participation and mental health.

In addition to the device itself, the EksoNR™ also provides a cloud-based feature call EksoPulse, which allows PAM Health staff to assess individualized patient data including number of steps taken and amount of activity while wearing the device. This type of information also positions PAM Health to continue future research studies.

This new therapy device is one of many proactive approaches PAM Heath is taking to ensure patients are not only cared for by professional and considerate staff, but also receiving the best available technological care during their recovery journey.